Kick plate challenge at this year's marmalade track day

Our young drivers take on the kick plate skid experience at Rockingham Marmalade Track Day

Posted by We Are Marmalade on 02 October 2017

Ro was one of the lucky young drivers who came to Rockingham with us to join in with a day of amazing driving experiences! Here, she talks about how it felt to drive in adverse conditions, and even a simulated spin on the Rockingham kick plate!

I had the opportunity to go down to Rockingham with Marmalade recently for a super car experience and R3 driving challenges - it was so much fun!

Myself and a group of other Marmalade Ambassadors sat down for some breakfast with quick a quiz on driving safety. I’ll not go in to great detail to save myself some embarrassment but I was only able to answer 13 out of 21 questions correctly. Woops. It turned out I wasn’t as savvy as I initially thought! Did you know that if you try and stop a car in rainy conditions at 40mph you stop a whole 12m further than if it was dry? That is nine car lengths to stop your vehicle. I experienced this first hand with a kick plate making me skid across the road. 

I have been driving for a good few years now so I felt pretty confident that I was going to be able to control my car under in almost any conditions…within reason that is.


I got in, and set off with my instructor in the passenger seat yelling “Go, go, go! Faster!”. I accelerated as quickly as possible through the sprinklers on to the tarmac and before I knew it the kick plate pushed the rear of the car out and I was spinning. In that split second I’m not even sure if I took my foot off the accelerator. This was a test of my reaction time under challenging conditions. I was able to steer my way straight again but not before I spiralled across the tarmac. Can you imagine this on the road? I could have collided with other vehicles or worse, hit pedestrians.

I had about 4 attempts and each time my reactions were quicker and I was able to control the car better. This is why I think it is important for all drivers to experience this kind of training as I truly left that exercise feeling more confident of my ability but equally more aware of the dangers of driving in adverse conditions.

I am really pleased that I was able to experience the driving day with Marmalade. As well as it being educational it was SO much fun! I took a Lamborghini around the race track and was taught how to spin some awesome doughnuts. But it was more than that – I got a taste of what it was like to fully lose control of my car, safely. I have no doubts that this experience has made me more aware and strengthened my ability to cope in situations that I have little control over.

Thank you Marmalade for a great day.

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