Joseph blake’s views on young people’s attitudes spread further than politics


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 28 November 2013

I'm not at all surprised to read these comments by journalist Joseph Blake. I'm not an expert in politics but I can see that some of the same sentiments echoed here also ring true in the world of motoring.

Joseph says it's not difficult to understand why young people are so fed up with UK politics and choose to abstain from voting - as he says, they've watched tuition fees go through the roof, the education maintenance allowance (EMA) scrapped, youth centres shut down and young people's services generally cut.

When it comes to driving, young people are penalised for their age and inexperience on the road - they face paying the highest insurance premiums of any other road user age group; they are unfairly stereotyped as the boy or girl racers, wrongly accused of most of the carnage on our roads; and to really kick a generation when it's down, the Government is now looking to bring in a Green Paper which could set curfews and other restricting and limiting controls on new young drivers, once they've shed their L plates and earned themselves some freedom.

The irony of it all is that young people are our decision makers of the future - rather than quashing their ideas or dictating behaviour, the Government (whichever the political party) should be doing much, much more to actively engage and embrace the generation.

Joseph quotes Russell Brand's recent tirade on Jeremy Paxman's Newsnight as evidence of the typical attitude to politics which is growing among more of the younger generation. Brand talked about abstaining - he's never voted himself.

I don't blame him, or Joseph here, who is calling for young people to vote with their feet and stay away from the polling stations at the next elections.

If this is the only way to get the political party of the time, or any politician for that matter, to take notice of the generation, then go for it. You have my blessing.

It is the Joseph's of this world who have a stake in our future, its politics, its driving laws and plenty more - the powers that be need to start realising this.

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