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Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 04 February 2016

The Top Gear story continues to gather pace with the announcement this morning that Matt LeBlanc, aka Joey from Friends, will be joining Chris Evans' new team of petrol head presenters.

It might seem like a bit of a left field appointment but when you think about it, Matt LeBlanc, and even his on screen character Joey Tribbiani, has quite a passion for cars and driving. LeBlanc first appeared on Top Gear in season 18 as the "Star in a reasonably priced car". He showed he was a bit of a dab hand on the track and became the fastest star with a time of 1min 42secs.

When Kimi Raikkonen met Matt LeBlanc

LeBlanc is now a regular spectator at the US Grand Prix after attending his first Grand Prix in Austin, Texas in 2012 and is now often seen mooching around the grid and pits looking very Hollywood. In 2013 LeBlanc showed his comedic interviewing prowess when he met the Kimi Raikkonen.

The one with Joey's Porsche

Way back in 1999 Friends was one of the most popular TV's shows of all time and Matt LeBlanc played the struggling Italian-American actor Joey Tribbiani, a role which made him a household name. In season 6, episode 5 Ross & Rachael were trying to annul their marriage, Chandler chokes on a plastic toy, Phoebe was left to look after the triplets and Joey pretends to own a Porsche parked outside their apartment.

Joey found that he got a lot of attention when he told the ladies he owned the Porsche. His obsession escalated as he then wore an array of Porsche merchandised clothing and began washing the car: until the owner turned up and drove off.

The new presenters on Top Gear

The new look Top Gear is due to be aired on the 8th May when Matt Le Blanc will join Chris Evans and The Stig with speculation of another presenter being announced soon. The ongoing drama of the revamped Top Gear has been full of entertainment however we can't wait for the new show to arrive!! How long into the first episode will it be before we hear the Joey catch phrase "how YOU doin?".

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