It’s just fuel & go for marmalade’s young driver!


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 01 December 2014

18-year-old Danielle Cooney, a Marmalade insurance young driver from Birmingham, works as a full time team leader at Argos. She passed her driving test earlier this year and now drives a brand new Fiat 500 Pop thanks to the Marmalade Insurance Fuel & Go car scheme.

The Fuel & Go scheme, offered through Marmalade Insurance, enables young drivers to have a brand new car, with 12 months free insurance, plus a low initial deposit. Offering an affordable policy such as this makes sure that young drivers get the experience they need on the roads whilst driving safe and reliable cars.

Danielle says: "I received my Fuel & Go Fiat 500 Pop in July this year shortly after passing my test. My driving instructor recommended Marmalade to me when I first started driving for its Learner Insurance and I've not looked back since. I did my research but no other company could match up to the great deals that Marmalade had on offer and the amazing customer service has been second to none."

All cars on the Fuel & Go scheme are fitted with Marmalade's black box technology which monitors each journey and flags any risky driving. If the young driver has a "red" or unsafe journey, a member of the customer service team will ring up to talk it through to make sure the driver understands why the journey was flagged.

The technology encourages young drivers develop safe and responsible driving skills by highlighting areas for improvement. As well as this personal service, the telematics package also comes with e-learning modules to help the young person improve their knowledge of the road.

Danielle continues: "It's great using telematics. I track my progress daily through my phone. I was worried about having the box fitted to my car at first because I wasn't sure how strict or sensitive it was but it's definitely helping me become a better driver - better than I expected. On the website it tracks my speed, acceleration, how I turn corners and also it has a tracking device so if I ever lose my car, this will come in handy!"

Unlike other companies, Marmalade's telematics does not implement a curfew on its young drivers, allowing them to drive any time of the day or night.

Danielle concludes: "Since passing my test I don't have to wait for buses anymore and it's nice being able to do longer and later shifts at work because I can just drive home, so Marmalade's lack of a curfew is a big bonus for me. I have already been on the motorway as I feel safe in my new car, it's very cheap to run and it's so comfortable. I would live in my car if I could, I love it that much!"

The Fuel & Go scheme is available to young drivers aged 17 to 25 years old and offers a selection of cars including Fiat, Kia and Vauxhall, all are available with free insurance or a generous insurance contribution.

Danielle says: "Not having to pay for my insurance for a year has been brilliant. I've financed myself through all my driving lessons and I pay for my car now. It feels good not only to have freedom on the road but to be experiencing real financial independence for the first time."

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