Why car insurance premiums have increased in 2016


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 18 October 2016

In the recent Confused.com car insurance price index it has detailed the dramatic increase in car insurance premiums over this year. Compared to 2015, UK drivers now pay an average premium of £737 a year. This works out to be almost an additional £109 on top of what they would have paid at the beginning of 2016.

So what does this mean for young driver insurance? According to the same price index, 17 year olds fork out on average £2083 a year for insurance, however an 18 year will pay on average £2106 just to keep their car on the road, and bafflingly - 19 - 20 year olds are actually experiencing a 0.1% DECREASE in premiums!



Don't worry - we asked the same question! Where are these increase coming from and why? According to the report, these changes have come about as a direct result of IPT increase (Insurance Premium Tax) which is up by 67% compared to last year. It's suspected the rise in fraudulent claims and insurance scams have also contributed to this massive hike in prices along with the abundance of uninsured drivers.

So really - we're all suffering and although it may sounds pretty outrageous at first, once you take a closer look at how this affects young drivers specifically - it's not all doom and gloom! Young drivers have seen significant savings over the last few years with the use of black box insurance. With Marmalade's New Driver Insurance, customers have been known to save on average 36% in their second year of cover and this will continue to remain the case despite the increases. If young drivers play their cards right, they have the opportunity to save quite a substantial amount on their premiums through the use of telematics and by making sensible choices with their car.


  • Invest in a telematics policy - these policies make you a lower driving risk whilst help you develop safer driving skills - this in turn keeps your premiums low.
  • Your choice in car - Newer models are known for being cheaper to insure, also cars with reasonably small engines and good safety features such as alarm or immobiliser help to keep premiums low
  • Add an additional driver - Most insurers will offer a discount for an additional driver with a clean driving record and a few years no claims. They don't have to even drive your motor but it's still good to have someone experienced on your policy.

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