Increasing the age of driving will not make our children any safer on the roads


Posted by Crispin Moger on 25 February 2015

Crispin Moger, CEO at Marmalade, argues against the latest findings from ASDA Money. He says that increasing the age of driving to 20 is not going to make our children any safer on the roads - and that it may even increase the risks.

"This research has truly surprised me. I haven't heard any parents say that they want the minimum driving age extended by three years, twelve months occasionally but never any more than that.

"Much as we'd love to, we can't keep our kids wrapped up in cotton wool - and we shouldn't for their sakes. Young people need to find their feet on their own. It's not just important for work - although how stopping them from driving is going to make a young person more employable is beyond me - but just to get out and about to the shops, to see friends and family is really important. A view that is shared by the parents I know and have spoken to.

"There is an argument that people's idea of risk changes as they get older but this is really down to the individual, I know some 13 year olds who are more responsible than people in their 40s!

"Individual personalities aside; experience is the most important factor for young drivers today in their ability to understand risk. And I cannot see how making them wait another three years is going to help this, if anything it will surely hinder."

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Crispin Moger
Crispin Moger

As the CEO of Marmalade, and having spent 20 years working in the motor and insurance industry, I feel strongly about helping young drivers to get on the road in a safer, fairer and simpler way. Outside work I'd describe myself as a hard rock loving adventure sports fan, who loves to travel.