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Posted by Kimberley Dodge on 06 April 2018

Mum's: we've all got one, and they all worry like mad. Especially when we start to do grown-up things like driving a car! I caught up with my mum about how she's feeling in regards to my learning experience...

How did you feel when I said I wanted to start learning to drive?

I was apprehensive, to begin with; it still feels like you're too young to be driving! Even though you're now legally old enough to learn, I still see you as that little baby girl who should be playing with toy cars, not driving one.

Nervous, I was a bit nervous for you too. I know how scary learning to drive can feel and I just hope you can become a confident driver.

But I was still very excited! Although I want you to stop growing up so fast, I'm excited for you to have the freedom you've always wanted.

Do you think that I have taken the right approach to driving by doing an intensive course?

Everybody's different and everybody has to do what's right for them. We all learn at different paces and in different ways. I know you're in a hurry to pass and so you're very determined to learn to drive, but it's definitely not for everyone. Sometimes feeling rushed is not always a good idea.

It has allowed you to learn much faster than most people, but the short timescale means your overall confidence and experience on the road is not developed as much as if you were to spread out the lessons over a longer period of time.

At the end of the day, you paid for it all and it was all your own money so you take responsibility for the decision.

Are you excited or nervous for me to pass my driving test?

Nervous. After you've passed, obviously you alone are in charge of driving a car- that's a scary thought! Cars are dangerous things that can, well... kill people.

I'm also worried because once you've got your license, you have the freedom to go wherever you like! I'm excited to not have to drive Mum's Taxi, but I just hope you still remember to tell me where you're going.

Just because you're all grown up with a car, you still have to abide by the rules!


Any tips on buying your first car?

Get something small and easy to park- parking's a nightmare with a big car! It needs a small engine, as this keeps the car insurance lower. And something cheap to run and maintain.

Having said that, you don't want to invest in anything that's too cheap because you might end up with a car that causes you more hassle with breakdowns or part replacement etc.

Always research the car dealer before you buy from them and try to aim for a car with a good MOT and service history.

What was your first car?

I had a little Fiat 126. Basically, a lawn mower on wheels.


Now that we have Marmalade's Learner Driver Insurance on your car, how did you feel about letting me drive your car for the first time?

I was a bit anxious because obviously, I need my car to get to work so if anything happens to it, there'll be a bit of an issue! There's no dual control so you have full control and full responsibility for the car which makes watching you drive my car very nerve-wracking.

Seeing you in the driving seat felt weird: I just kept imagining you as that little girl sitting behind the driving wheel. I instinctively kept reaching for the pedals, even though I was sat in the passenger's seat.

Ultimately, I have to trust you and just accept that you're growing up!

What was your driving journey like?

It was ok I guess- it took me three goes overall! I got so nervous building up to and during the test that no matter how good my driving skills were, things seemed to just fall apart. It seemed to take me forever to get my license.


What is your number one tip for learning to drive?

Take things at your own pace and don't rush. Try not to let the pressure get to you- especially when doing a manoeuvre. Even if there are other drivers on the road watching you or getting impatient, you have to remain calm and confident.

Half of the struggle with driving is anticipation and reacting to other people's bad driving! You can be the best driver in the world but you can't control the actions of other people on the road.

And finally...

Am I a good driver?

You are a good driver but you just need a bit more confidence in yourself! I know you can do it- you just have to believe it too.

We've loved hearing how Kimberley's mum feels about her being behind the wheel. We've got confidence in you too, Kimberley and wish you all the luck on your journey to that magic pass! 

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Kimberley Dodge
Kimberley Dodge

Hi, I'm Kimberley and I've just turned 17. I've only just thrown myself into driving lessons and through an intensive learning method, I hope to have my license in about a month! I'm looking forward to the freedom driving can offer me and I'm super excited to own my own car! I'm currently still studying in sixth form and hope to go on to university next year. I'm also a self-confessed book nerd and love getting into a good book!