I drove what!?


Posted by Jim Knight on 14 September 2016

Hey drivers! It's Jim!

If any of you follow my YouTube channel religiously, you will know that a couple of months ago, Marmalade very kindly sent me and five other lucky young drivers on a track day to Rockingham Motor Speedway. This was the Rockingham Motor Speedway experience.

We had the most amazing day and I got to meet some of the other ambassadors, Will & Amy - who were both lovely and we are still in contact now! We had an awesome host named Emma who was absolutely hilarious and looked after us all day!

The activities ranged from driving Ferrari's and Lamborghini's, to driving land rovers on their off-road course! The one that I enjoyed the most was probably the opportunity to drive Formula 4 cars around the oval circuit! Never did I think I would ever get to do something so exhilarating in all my life! I began to feel a bit like Lewis Hamilton driving around that course! (Apart from the fact that I was probably going at 10% of the speed Hamilton goes at!!)

Another thing that I really enjoyed, and also value as amazing life experience, was the skid-pan activity Marmalade got us doing. For this activity we had to drive one of Marmalade's branded cars over a wet course and try to save ourselves from skidding/spinning. This was an invaluable experience that could potentially save someone's life in the future. I feel much more confident now that we've had that training and experience to try and deal with the situation! I would thoroughly recommend having a go if you ever get the chance!!

That's all from me in this blog post, but you can find more of what we got up to in the following videos up on my channel!! (YouTube is where I feel more at home than writing - you can probably tell that blogging isn't my forte! But at least I try!)

Thanks for listening to what I have to talk about! I'll be back soon!

Jim x

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