How to prevent a windscreen from freezing


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 09 December 2014

The following tips will provide you with all the knowledge you need to know on how to prevent a windscreen from freezing.

The easiest way to prevent your car windscreen from freezing is to store it in a garage or storage area but this isn't an option for everyone. Trapping a double-folded sheet directly over your windscreen should prevent any freezing. It may not look too pretty but could save you lots of time first thing in the morning!

WARNING - Some people recommend placing

newspaper on the windscreen overnight to prevent

it becoming frosty - this isn't a great idea as the

paper can freeze to your windscreen!

Using an ice scraper and de-icer spray are simple and effective ways to clear your windscreen of unwanted ice and snow. It's tempting to reach for the closest thing that might "just do the trick" but a proper ice scraper is much better for your windscreen.

When using de-icer, make sure you don't spray too close to the windscreen; leave at least 5cm between the can and windscreen whilst your spray as its strong smell can be a little overpowering. You may have seen one method of de-icing which involves pouring hot water on your frozen windscreen which is not a great idea, check out more of our advice about that here.

*What about my icy side mirrors?

To prevent your side mirrors getting iced up you can cover them overnight with plastic bags fitted in place with rubber bands. When you take off the plastic bags the following day, the mirrors will be free of ice!

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