How to check your oil


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 08 December 2014

Marmalade's "Show us your dipstick" campaign will teach you how to check your oil and explain the dangers of driving without it.

Check your oilThese five easy steps summarise exactly how to check your oil:

Step 1

Park your car on level ground and switch off the engine.

Step 2

Locate your dipstick. The top of the dipstick will stand out as it is likely to be a shade of yellow or orange.

Step 3

Wipe the oil from the dipstick.

Step 4

Insert the dipstick back into the oil.

Step 5

Show us your dipstick! The oil mark should be near to the maximum oil mark on the dipstick.

Finally, if necessary, pour oil into the holder to top up your oil levels.

So, why do cars need oil?

An engine is made up of lots of metal parts that move closely together at a very high speed. If a car does not have oil the metal parts will rub together. A lubricating oil prevents these parts from seizing or bonding with each other.

Did you know: lack of oil for just two

seconds can be destructive to an engine.

Will I need a new engine if I run out of oil?

Yes, if the oil pump cannot register any circulating oil your engine will seize up. Unfortunately this means that the metal is so damaged it cannot be repaired and a new engine is the only answer.

How often should I check my car oil?

We recommend checking your oil before any long journey and every couple of weeks.

Why not create a monthly car routine

to give you a chance to check your oil

and throw out the drink bottles and food

wrappers lurking in the glove box

and passenger footwell!

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