‘freedom’ tops the reasons for learning to drive this summer


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 20 August 2013

Freedom and the ability to go anywhere, anytime is this summer's top reason for wanting to learn to drive.

A Facebook competition by young driver champion Marmalade asked teenagers for their top reasons for wanting to learn to get behind the wheel this summer holiday.

- Freedom topped the list followed closely by:
- no longer having to rely on mum and dad's taxis
- getting to work easily
- being able to socialise with friends
- going on road trips
- getting to visit my girlfriend
- practising singing while I'm driving

The competition follows hot on the heels of information from the Department for Transport which shows the numbers of 17 to 19 year olds choosing to take their driving tests has fallen by 18% since 2007.

Marmalade says there's no better time to learn than the summer months and with the opportunity to grab some cheaper learner insurance and extra practice time in the family car, young people should make the most of the summer holiday.

Reasons why summer driving is such a hit, according to Marmalade, include:

- Better weather conditions
- Less likelihood of wintry conditions such as rain, fog and snow which can hamper learning
- Holiday period means there is potentially less traffic on the roads, making learner driving that little bit more relaxing
- More time to practice
- Longer lighter nights means even more time to get behind the wheel and practice

Marmalade's Learner Insurance allows you to get instant cover for as little as £85 a month. It is an affordable and flexible way to get insure while you're learning to drive on almost any family car - without risking your parent's No Claims Bonus.

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