Four year olds show shocking signs of dangerous driving


Posted by We Are Marmalade on 30 March 2016

At Marmalade we know that young drivers learn many bad, and potentially dangerous, habits from their parents. However, what's not so well known is the age at which youngsters start copying adults' behaviour at the wheel.

New research has found that from the age of four children are imitating adults driving habits, developing skills that will remain with them throughout their lifetime. Put a four year old behind the wheel of a (toy) car and they will commonly display bad behaviour such as swearing, gesticulating, talking or laughing on the phone, singing very loudly and dancing at the wheel.

Crèche course for young drivers

This April we've launched a new product that specifically targets this problem. Our crèche course is being piloted at a nursery in Cambridgeshire to help four year olds develop safe driving skills that will last a lifetime, through practical and theoretical play.

Feedback from parents' has been very positive, so far. Mrs Avril Furst, a parent at the nursery, said "It's a real eye opener watching my son at the wheel, I never realised quite how many of my habits he has already picked up. It's definitely made me more mindful when it comes to speeding or looking at my phone - although I can't promise I will stop singing at the wheel!"

Initial results are very successful and we look forward to rolling out across the UK to a nursery near you in the near future.

Happy April Fools' Day!

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