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Posted by Crispin Moger on 24 July 2014

I visited Stamford School recently as part of a Careers Day where business men and women are invited to hold mock interviews with the A level students as they prepare for the world outside school. I was delighted to see such a calibre of students breaking stereotypes of the so called "youth of today" and genuinely passionate about their career prospects, their enthusiasm was infectious and I came back to the office with a reinforced vigour for my own work!

First impressions count and the turnout of the students at Stamford School on the Careers Day was great. I noticed a lot of effort had been made by the students and this continued to through to the interview exercise. My experience has led me to believe that young people are willing to give interviews a go but are slightly misguided in how they carry them out. I've had young people arrive at interviews at our Marmalade office with ripped jeans - I've wanted to tear my hair out! It's good for people to express themselves, we have a team member with pink hair at Marmalade HQ, but you must give off the desired impression whilst interviewing.

The students at Stamford School did not have this problem at all but I was able to give some guidance on how they articulate themselves in an interview situation.

For example, strong academic grades are fantastic but I also want to hear about hobbies and other interests. When I am recruiting I am looking out for want interesting people to join the team, proving they have dedication to something other than just their books!

I wish each student every success as they await their exam results, and beyond!

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