Finally overcoming my anxieties of motorway driving

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Posted by Jim Knight on 27 July 2017

So the other week you might have seen my blog post on preparing to conquer my fears of the motorway as I had never driven on the motorway before. Since then I was very kindly set up by Marmalade to have a motorway driving lesson with Lew Whittaker from Around the Bend Driving School and got to go out on the motorway for the first time in my life, as you will see from the video linked in this blog post!

I can now say that I am a lot calmer about the prospect of motorway driving and have far fewer anxieties! Lew was really good at going through everything with me and guiding me on what to do. As I mentioned in my previous post, one of the main things I was concerned about driving on the motorway was the actual rules and regulations. This was mainly because when learning to drive, learners are not allowed to practice on the motorway, so it meant that when I passed my test a couple of years ago I had never had the experience or been taught the rules properly. Lew taught me what lane to be in at what time, all the speed regulations and how to safely anticipate other driver’s actions so that we could progress effectively.

Lew really embedded into my mind how a motorway driver should be thinking, interpreting the vehicle types around you as you might have to deal with different situations depending on what vehicles are around you. For example, most HGVs and caravans etc. have a limit on the speed they can physically drive at, so if there is a build up behind these vehicles, it’s very likely that there are going to be people pulling out into the inside lanes to progress past them and overtake. Another thing we went through was looking at the exits on the motorways, not only because you need to be aware of road signs and plan your own route effectively, but because where there is an exit, there is most likely going to be an entrance, so there will be a slip road with traffic joining coming up - just another thing to anticipate in order to make your drive as safe as possible.

Overall I would really rate having a motorway lesson if you have never had one before! It definitely put me at ease and cleared a lot of things up for me! Obviously this could all be solved if learner drivers were allowed to practice on the motorway in the first place as I would have had this experience years ago! What are your opinions on learner drivers driving on the motorway? Let me know!

Thanks for reading, and as always - drive safe!

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