Essential tips for driving to summer festivals


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 05 June 2014

Summer is almost here and you know what that means: festival fun! Get ready for great music, fabulous friends and an amazing atmosphere, all bundled up into one unforgettable weekend. If you're the designated driver we have a few tips for the drive ahead. So before you throw yourself, your friends and a wad of tents into the back of your car, have a look at the points below and don't let silly mistakes ruin an awesome weekend.

Before the off

  • First check all the important things are filled. We're talking about the oil, the coolant and the fuel. You don't want to be stranded on the side of the motorway as it is not only a catastrophe to miss all your favourite bands but it's also really dangerous

  • Packing is next on the to-do list. Bear in mind how many people are going to be cramped in the car when you're choosing what to pack. Just take the essentials, and remember everyone will be in the same boat, muddy, dirty and smelly, so pack light and fit right in!

  • Change your tyre pressure to deal with the added load. If you have a car full of strapping rugby boys the weight is going to be dramatically different to what you are used to and the car may feel completely different

  • Mud, mud and more mud. That's what you can expect from most festivals so you have to prepare your car for this. Fill up the windscreen wash and keep some wipes in the car to wipe the mud off your lights so you can see and be seen

Party Time!!

When you get to the festival, excited and wide eyed, try to remember some of these vital things so you don't ruin the whole experience.

  • Lock the car, obviously

  • Turn all the lights off, otherwise you'll run the battery down and be stranded

  • Keep your keys in a safe, dry place throughout your time at the festival

Home time

  • We said there would be mud, so be prepared. If you start to feel the tyres loosing grip as you drive away, stop! Don't dig yourself into a muddy hole, be practical and put rubber mats or even some old welly boots under the back wheels to give you traction

  • After a long weekend of jumping, drinking and singing your heart out your body is going to be exhausted. Driving while tired is extremely dangerous, we understand you'll just want to get home to a hot shower and warm bed but don't sacrifice your health and your passengers. Stop regularly for a cold drink, some fresh air and even a little nap if you need one

With these tips in mind, we hope you have an amazing weekend, but most of all get there on time so you don't miss a moment and get home safe and sound.

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Holly West-Robinson
Holly West-Robinson

Hi I'm Holly and I'm a young driver based in Peterborough! I love tattoos, food, drawing and anything art related, enjoy hanging out with friends and family and making a fool of myself XD I'm a huge lover of music and also a part time DJ in the underground drum and bass scene. I passed my driving test first time when I was 17 years old have been loving life and my new found freedom ever since! I'm definitely one of the adventurous types who's always up for a good old road trip!