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Posted by We Are Marmalade on 14 March 2018

Your driving lessons and test can be SUPER stressful, so to lighten it up we’ve pulled together of some embarrassing moments we’ve had out on the road before we got that magic pass. Do you relate to any of these?!

We asked: “As a learner or new driver, what embarrassing things have happened to you out on the road?”

Amy – Not what I was expecting!

My embarrassing moment would have to be from one of my driving lessons, I was on my driving lesson and doing very well! I had nailed my parallel park, reverse around a corner and perfected my bay park. All was well until I had a naked man run out in front of me when I was coming to a set of traffic lights! He waved and winked! I was so embarrassed! I honestly didn’t know what to do - or where to look, so I just stopped safely at the lights and looked then looked at my instructor. It turns out he didn’t know what to do either! We both burst into fits of laughter! I was super embarrassed but it was too hilarious not to laugh all the way home!


Alex – You’re forgetting something…

My second driving test got off to an excellent start. I did all the checks, took the handbrake off and signalled to pull away until my examiner interrupted and said: “You might want to think about turning the ignition on before you try and go anywhere…”. Luckily I wasn’t a danger to other road users as I was stationary – but I still was very embarrassed. On the plus side, the rest of the test went smoothly, and I did pass!


Chloe – Not quite what was planned

In one of my first driving lessons, I was at the end of the lesson and heading home. I had to turn right onto my road, which was just past a shop. There was traffic coming from the other way, so I stopped and selected first gear – waiting for them to pass. When they did, I went to make the turn, however, for some reason, I thought my foot had to be the whole way off of the clutch, before turning the wheel (no idea why I thought this). My foot shot off the clutch and the car started to jolt, but instead of jolting just the once, it did it multiple times. The shock from the car meant I fell forward and hit the horn! It was a Saturday, and every person outside of the busy shop turned around to see me in a bouncing car in the middle of the road, beeping away!


Lee – Not once…but twice!

I had not long passed my test, and I was really worried about stalling! I mean everyone worries about that – right? I didn’t want to drive with anyone in the car for a while, but my friends ended up convincing me to be the designated driver one weekend. I got all the way there to drop them off, and everyone commented that I’d driven well and hadn’t stalled the whole journey. Obviously, this must have been some form of karma because as soon as I went to pull away, I stalled… twice. And of course, to help my embarrassment my friend recorded the whole thing on Snapchat!


Amanda – Panic mode!

On my second ever driving lesson I was taken out onto the main ring road. Everything was going well until I heard sirens and went into panic mode. I just froze and stopped the car as quickly as I could. As soon as I pulled the handbrake up I looked at my driving instructor who said: ‘that’s not what I’d call moving over safely!’ Thank god for dual controls, ay!


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