Ditch The Rage! How to Stay Cool on the Roads

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Posted by Patrick Cantellow on 21 June 2017

All young drivers (and old) will know the little things can get you angst on the roads. From middle lane hoggers to tailgaters we all need some tips to keep our blood pressure low and avoid turning frustration into unawareness.

It’s good advice to keep away from aggressive drivers, and in this blog, I share with you top tips to keeping cool on the road. 


It's really annoying when a driver insists on almost touching your rear bumper. 

You should never brake check (braking suddenly) as this only causes accidents. Don't speed up either, as you may break the speed limit or could be unsafe. Don't slow down further either, as the variable speed can annoy the tailgater even more.

My best advice is to just keep to your speed, and they will overtake when it's safe to do so. If it's a narrow road, consider pulling over, so they don't cause you too much stress.

Middle Lane Hogging

Although middle lane hogging became an offence in 2013, I guarantee you will always find yourself behind one on any motorway journey. I’ve even found cruisers in the middle lane when the roads are empty. If you're stuck behind a middle lane hogger, just move to the right when it is safe to do so and overtake. If they're already in the rightmost lane, keep a safe distance (remember the two-second rule) and wait for them to move over.

It is only legally acceptable to undertake when the left lane is moving faster than the right lanes in congested conditions.

'Cutting You Up'

It happens a lot - heck, even I've done it - but we’ll blame that on my inexperience.

People will often cut in front of you because they didn't check you were there, or they've gotten lost. Keep a close eye on all the vehicles around you to see if they could potentially be getting in your way. After driving for a while, you will start to learn the tell-tale signs that someone will be moving across lanes, or pulling out of junctions when they shouldn't.

Lead By Example

I've noticed that if a car in front moves ever so slightly to avoid a pothole, I do it too. I safely put this to the test to see if people behind me would do the same, and they do.

Lead by example when pulling out of junctions or merging with other traffic, and hopefully, everyone else follows.

Hopefully, these tips allow you to be a safe driver and get a 100% score on your telematics profile!

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Patrick Cantellow
Patrick Cantellow

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