Choosing my first wheels and re-taking my driving test


Posted by Chelsey Gibson on 01 September 2016

After what has been the most hectic few months of my life so far, the time has finally come for me to update you all on my driving experience over the past few months! From having to decide if buying a car outright is the best option or going down the finance route, to actually having to push my driving test back - it has been well and truly eventful and I can't wait to fill everyone in with all the details.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of my control, not only was I unable to have a driving lesson for over a month, but this also resulted in me having to alter the date of my driving test. Although I was unable to be behind the wheel learning I used this time to decide what car I wanted to be riding around in once I'd got that full driving licence. Now, being 5' 2", a big car was never going to appeal to me, so I thinking about one of the classic "princess car" selection that ranges from Fiat 500's to a Vauxhall Adam. I know having more than 1.2L engine would result in a pretty pricey insurance but I've explored my options and black box insurance definitely seems like the best for me.

Getting that extra practice in

speed clock

With that in mind, it was now time to decide between a new and used car. The age old dilemma between a shiny show car or a cheap old banger that would get me from A to B. Luckily, I have been quite lucky and sensible (it's a shock to my family and an even bigger one to my boyfriend trust me!) and stopped myself from spending all my wages on every item of makeup I can find, and I have saved a considerable amount to put towards my first car and insurance.

Due to only be able to have one lesson per week of driving, I knew I needed some extra practice to ensure I'd be ready for my test. I was lucky enough to be able to borrow one of Marmalade's Fiat 500's covered under their learner driver insurance policy - on the basis someone who's aged over 25 and has held a full licence for over 3 years sits with me while I'm driving - which has let me whizz around and get familiar with taking myself to and from work. This was an incredible experience and driving everyday really re-boosted my confidence, it's something I can't be more thankful for!

The right car for me

The Fiat 500 was very appealing to me, not only was it very girly and sleek on the outside, the interior was 100% just as amazing. A small car was a must have for me as I know I wouldn't have felt at ease in a larger model and being able to drive myself about daily (fully supervised obviously) it was set in stone that I just had to have this car. I would be lying if I pretended not to like to car, I absolutely loved it! When the car had to go back after a month in my learning hands, I was instantly on my laptop trying to source one and trying to work out if buying a second hand model with low mileage was best or opting for a new one on the finance route!

Naturally, going to McDonalds was a must do! :P

Fiat dashboard

I still haven't decided yet which option to take in regards to a car when I pass, I will update everyone as soon as I know! Hopefully, next time we speak I will have passed my test - it is booked for very, very, very soon and I am nervous - which is super exciting and I cannot wait to let everyone know how I get on. That's all from me for now, speak soon!

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Chelsey Gibson
Chelsey Gibson

Hi! I'm Chelsey and I'm currently at university studying marketing! I started my driving lessons when I turned 17 but failed my first test, so it was two more dreaded years of public transport for me! I'm now ready to get back behind the wheel and re-gain the confidence I once had when I was learning. I can't wait to share my past and future experience with you all, I can't promise it will be a smooth ride but I'll definitely be sharing my enthusiasm in every single one.