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Posted by Bobby Hopkinson on 21 December 2016

My latest driving update is that I have jumped the first hurdle (and not fallen flat on my face!) and actually passed my theory test! No big deal I hear you say – for me it was, I failed twice, missed one test and I eventually passed last week! Granted me getting the date wrong and missing one test was totally my fault – my first bit of advice would be double/triple check the DATE and TIME of your test… I did feel slightly silly when I turned up and the lady told me my test was the day before – she did say it happens a lot, but I think she felt sorry for me. I soon shrugged this off and headed back home to re-book!

My two other failed attempts were really frustrating – I was so close and I was really gutted when I was handed my results. The thing that was annoying was that I had actually revised and done loads of practice questions beforehand. I am usually not too dedicated to my homework but I genuinely put the hours in.
I found that the theory test isn’t just the Highway Code stuff – there’s also a hazard identification video section, which you play by clicking when you spot a hazard. The concept is not exactly complicated but I found the instructions confusing. I got penalised for clicking too much on one attempt but in my mind there were many hazards. Guess I am just super safe!
In hindsight I don’t have any advice which I am sure you haven’t heard before but I think talking through the Highway Code with your instructor when you’re in the car is helpful and asking them loads of questions. And just try the online practice videos, a lot! I was unlucky the first few times but in the end I got there and now I am ready to work towards my practical. I am 18 in March and I have set myself the challenge of being able to drive by then – my family don’t want me to rush it and just want me to get my license when I am ready, but it’s the examiner who gets to choose whether I am ready or not. Roll on 2017 and the year I get my independence on the road.

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Bobby Hopkinson
Bobby Hopkinson

Hello, my name is Bobby I am 18, I passed my text just before my 18th birthday. I am still in sixth form and enjoying the new found freedom of driving myself to my girlfriends house, the rugby club and the gym!