The nerves sure are kicking in for my practical!

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Posted by Bobby Hopkinson on 21 February 2017

So, the date in the diary. I’ve finally booked my practical test… but I am not going to tell you when it is! Sorry! I’ve not even told my family! I just feel it will add unnecessary pressure if I let people know and my mum and sisters like any excuse to fuss (Sorry but it’s true!)

The nerves have certainly kicked in but I do feel I’m ready for it and when I have a good driving day I reckon I could certainly pass – but will I have a good day on test day?!

I get pretty anxious about my school exams, they all matter don’t they?! But I feel a different type of nerves about my practical test. I think it’s because there are so many different factors to consider.  For my A levels I can picture my exam; we’re all sitting in rows in the school hall with the invigilator walking up and down the creaky wooden floor boards, with me watching the clock!  I’ve taken enough practice tests to know the types of questions to expect, I feel kind of prepared. But for my driving test I don’t know where the examiner will want me to drive, what the weather will be like, whether there will be traffic. It’s all the uncertainties which make me feel a bit anxious.

I guess the secret is to not overthink it. All I can do is work hard in my lessons and get loads of practice with my parents in between my lessons, driving in different conditions and making sure I do different routes around the town. If you start to imagine the test too it’s unhelpful, as there are things I just cannot control, I will just need to keep a cool head and remember all the good stuff Bob my instructor has told me.

Good luck to any other learners out there about to take their test, I know how you are feeling but let’s make 2017 the year we make freedom on the road a reality for us!

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Hello, my name is Bobby I am 18, I passed my text just before my 18th birthday. I am still in sixth form and enjoying the new found freedom of driving myself to my girlfriends house, the rugby club and the gym!