Axing road safety campaign budget is wrong decision


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 27 February 2013

The younger generation, starting from a very early age, are at their most influential during their school years. The Government (alongside parents, teaching establishments and young driver champions like ourselves) has a duty to ensure every young person is aware of road risks, whether as pedestrians, travelling by car or on public transport.

Has the Government got any idea how to talk to this age group? Instead of killing off this budget, how about it tunes into the channels where young people are talking?

It needs to be using Facebook and Twitter, even YouTube, to get these messages heard. Far from blowing any road safety budget, if these social media messages go viral, the chances are they will work out cheaper and be much more instant and relevant to this audience than another Green Cross Code advert!

Budgets may need to be cut (the road safety publicity budget was £19million in 2008/09 and just a staggering £3.9million in 2011/12) but certainly not at the cost of losing young lives on our roads.

Just to mention, RoSPA's road safety guide for local councils is now out ( road safety ). This is a free guide for councils giving advice on how to maintain road safety services when budgets are tight. It's terrific timing and an important document but this alone won't address road safety education among the young, especially provisional licence holders.

Is it just me or do you think the Government has got this wrong? I'd value feedback. Thanks.

Crispin Moger


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