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Holly West-Robinson

flying pig on sky blue background with mystery black boxes either side

Black Box Mythbusters

09 May 2017

Holly West-Robinson

To find out what young people really knew about telematics insurance, we sent out a UK-wide YouGov survey stating 6 facts. 5 were false and 1 was true. Only 9% of 18-24 year olds correctly identified the true statement and 13% didn’t know. Here’s the results!

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red cartoon car driving into a cartoon sat nav

Sat Navs will be used as part of the driving test

25 April 2017

Holly West-Robinson

As of December the 4th 2017, 80% of drivers will be examined on their ability to navigate roads using a Sat Nav (satellite navigation) as a compulsory part of the UK driving test. The DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency) announced earlier this week that the proposal will be implemented along with these other changes to the driving test:

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cartoons sports car being chased by a cartoon police car

Young drivers could face much heftier speeding fines

21 April 2017

Holly West-Robinson

As of Monday the 24th April, the penalties for speeding will be increased. The maximum fine for excessive speeding was initially capped at £1,000, and £2,500 on a motorway. Now drivers could face much harsher consequences and expect to pay 150% of their weekly income, up to 6 points on their licence, or disqualification for up to 56 days if caught driving well above the speed limit.

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young blonde girl standing in front of broken down red car

What should you do if your car breaks down

20 April 2017

Holly West-Robinson

If you break down in a city where traffic is slow moving, you can generally just pull into a car parking space or onto a side road. Somewhere you won’t be in the way of oncoming traffic and are in close distance of being able to find help. If possible even get the car to a garage! But if you break down on a country road where there’s no houses around for miles, or a motorway – what do you do then?

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