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Eleanor Richards

striking image of a sunset over a built up city

Getting to know a new city

Calendar Icon 25 September 2017

Profile Icon Eleanor Richards

Driving in a new city is always a daunting experience. Whether you’ve recently moved somewhere, are travelling to a new place for a day or your sat nav has simply taken you on a different route to the one you’re used to – when we find ourselves behind the wheel in an unfamiliar place a spike of panic tends to hit.

Young driver sat behind wheel with big smile on her face

Private practice and learning to drive with my parents

Calendar Icon 31 July 2017

Profile Icon Eleanor Richards

I was mad about driving from the second I got out of the car after my first lesson. Normally everyone wants to learn to drive for the freedom of being able to go wherever you want when you have a car, but for me, that was only partly the reason. You see, I didn’t have my own car, so the freedom I had to drive places was limited, but what I loved about driving so much from the beginning was the responsibility that came with it.