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Bobby Hopkinson

Young male driver sat in car with male driving instructor

An insider view of a driving lesson

Calendar Icon 06 January 2017

Profile Icon Bobby Hopkinson

Our young driver Bobby recently passed his theory test after 2 previous attempts! He’s now looking to book in for his practical in the next few months and has been busy practicing his maneuverers and generally getting to grips with the road. In this video Bobby and his driving instructor Bob Seys go through the steps on how to pull off and merge into the flow of traffic along with how to approach a roundabout in a safe and correct manner!

Young driver posing in front of computer with passed sign on screen

Third time's a charm! my first

Calendar Icon 21 December 2016

Profile Icon Bobby Hopkinson

My latest driving update is that I have jumped the first hurdle (and not fallen flat on my face!) and actually passed my theory test! No big deal I hear you say - for me it was, I failed twice, missed one test and I eventually passed last week! Granted me getting the date wrong and missing one test was totally my fault - my first bit of advice would be double/triple check the DATE and TIME of your test...


Learning the ways of the road - my journey so far

Calendar Icon 15 June 2016

Profile Icon Bobby Hopkinson

So, I am now a few lessons in to my driving journey and so far it’s been great, really positive and I have found that despite what all my sisters, my girlfriend and Mum say, I can listen to instructions and have enjoyed learning new stuff. I really look forward to my lessons and now my AS exams are out the way I feel I can really concentrate on my driving this summer and get as much practice done in between my lessons as possible.


A glimpse into the world of a learner driver

Calendar Icon 13 May 2016

Profile Icon Bobby Hopkinson

Learning to drive is a key focus for me at the moment. I have my first lesson booked for 3rd May and I can’t wait to get in the driving seat and get started with my lessons. To make sure I was prepared for these lessons I have already had a few practice drives with my brother-in-law, Simon, who has been driving for a while as he said he would show me the ropes ahead of the official lesson.