Are you driving on ‘thin ice’ this winter? be prepared!


Posted by Amy Thomas on 03 February 2016

So, winter driving: Sound scary? Don't know what to keep in your car? Well, seeing as this is my first winter with my first car, I wanted to make sure I was fully prepared. So I thought, to help others, I should write about what I am keeping in my car during the winter!

Firstly, a blanket. Might sound slightly crazy but yes, a blanket. You never know when you might have a sudden snow storm or if it's really, really cold and you might need some extra insulation (I'm not suggesting drive in a blanket, but it's handy for passengers!) Another absolute essential is de-icer! De-icer is your best friend in the winter months, no standing out in the cold, scraping the car windows. Just spray on, jump in the car, get comfy and all the ice should be gone! I find it better to not only keep a couple of cans in my car but also one in the house just in-case my locks freeze.

Even though I have de-icer, I always have an ice scraper in the car, just in-case. They also come in handy if it snows and you can use it to remove snow off your car (I have done this plenty of times). Spare gloves are always a good thing, helpful for those frosty mornings when you've left your normal gloves on the side just as you leave the door or drop one in a puddle!

Close up of Volkswagen grille coated in frost

Even though it's not just for winter, keeping a small toolbox in your car is essential. It doesn't matter if you don't know anything when it comes to vehicle maintenance, having some tools may help you at some point or even a friend or passer-by. I also keep a spare raincoat in the car, just a fold up one that I can stash anywhere. Just in-case I need it!

Having a de-misting pad helps as we all know, when you get in your car when it's cold, the windows steam up. Having steamy windows is not only dangerous for driving but also very annoying! If you have an older car (Like myself), they can sometimes take longer to clear the mist on your windscreen so having a de-mister pad or microfiber cloth will really help you see out of your windows a lot faster!

One thing I definitely keep in my car is a spare hoodie/jacket as you never know when the temperature will drop and you're left shivering! I also keep a road map in my car in-case a road is blocked and I need to find another way around without using a mobile device. A map is also handy all year round, just as a back-up.

You might think that this is a lot to keep in your car but believe me, it's better than being stranded without anything that could help! One vital thing though, before driving your car in the winter months would be to make sure you get a winter check or even do it yourself. Check your oil, water, tyres, battery, everything that is important for keeping your car running smooth!

I hope you find this helpful!

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