Are dashboard cameras a solution to improve young driver safety?


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 01 May 2014

Dashboard cameras are being talked about in the press a lot at the moment as a potential solution to improve the safety of young drivers, I was interviewed on BBC Radio about this on 30 April. Although the cameras can be useful in cases of fraud, I don't believe that they currently help improve road safety.

For me it's all about accident prevention. We work closely with young drivers to make sure that they drive safely using our sophisticated telematics systems. This means that if they brake too sharply or take corners too quickly then we will let them know - and proactively encourage them to correct their driving before it becomes a habit.

Driving is really important for a lot of young people, it gives them independence to see friends and family, pursue interests and hobbies and even work. We want to help more of them get on the road but in the right way, driving safe cars sensibly so they can enjoy this freedom without risking their safety or that of others.

I have a black box in my car and while it makes me a more considerate driver, it does not physically affect my driving experience. Having a camera on my dashboard, potentially in my line of sight, is not something that I would like - or want.

There are always stories of fraudulent driving activity and if the cameras help to eradicate this disgusting behaviour then I'm all for it. However, I believe that the majority of drivers are decent people who just want to enjoy the benefits of being able to drive and it's another case of a few ruining the experience for many.

It's an interesting one to watch. It's certainly not something that we'll be investing in any time soon as I believe that when it comes to encouraging better driving, in a non-intrusive way, a really good telematics system works very well.


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