Annoying passenger habits

Annoying habits to have as a passenger

Posted by Chloe Martell on 06 November 2018

I don’t think we realise how annoying each other can be until you’re stuck in a confined space with them, like a… car, for example. Whether you’re on the road trip of a lifetime, or nipping 10 miles up the road – you’ll likely discover just how annoying your nearest and dearest are, when they’re passengers in your car! We’ve listed some of the most annoying habits there are, as well as how to try to overcome them!

1. Oh I’m a mess right now

Now we all do it, don’t we? Forget that chocolate wrapper here or that crisp packet there… however, there are certain rules we should all abide by when we get into someone else’s car, and that is to pick up our rubbish! Now, unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this as you can often look in the passenger's footwell after a road trip with your pals, to find that your car now looks exactly like your local recycling centre. Whilst shouting at them for this may be one way to fix the issue, another could be to get a small bag or bin to keep in your car where the rubbish can go. If it’s being left there, at least hide it away!


2. DJ who?!

If I am driving, I am the DJ – it’s a simple as that. If the driver wants to sing along to The Greatest Showman soundtrack then so be it. If you’re a passenger, you simply have to put up with this… it’s the rules! So sit back, relax and listen to me give a performance worthy of The West End. After, I’ll consider listening to something you like. After all, it’s all about compromise!


3. The invisible brake

This is usually one for the parents who, for some reason, feel that putting their foot on the ‘brake’ on the passenger side will magically slow the car down.  It doesn’t – it’s actually just a bit annoying. Now we know you’re just doing it because you care, but you gotta’ calm down! Try and make a pact between you and your passenger with the twitchy right foot. They’ll keep it cool, and you’ll stick to the speed limits. We know you’re doing it anyway, but giving confirmation that you’re sticking to 30mph in the 30mph zone will help them chill out… hopefully!


4. Keep your opinions to yourself

“You’re driving too fast”, “you’re going a bit slow”, “you’re too close to that car” “BRAKE!”… We’ve all heard it, haven’t we? Now there is a chance that their point is very valid, so it is actually worth listening to the nagging passenger sometimes, as they may have a view of something happening that is just out of your reach. However, more importantly, you should trust your own driving instincts.


5. Did you see that!?

It’s easy to forget as a passenger, that the driver needs to concentrate behind the wheel. There could be a flying pig in the sky, but they still need to keep their eyes on the road. This isn’t helped when passengers are getting overly excited about something they’ve seen out of the window. Think about taking a photo, and showing the driver later.


Although these annoying habits may sound funny, they can also be dangerous. Your passenger dropping an empty bottle on the floor isn’t the end of the world, passengers who distract the drivers, unfortunately, can cause accidents. According to survey findings* – 7 out of 10 drivers say they’re more likely to stall with a passenger on board, whilst 84% of people admit that they have a harder time trying to park with others in the car. Further on from that, in 2014, in-car distractions accounted for a huge 3,200 UK road collisions which were more than accidents caused outside of the car and mobile phone usage combined.

When you’re a passenger, try to put yourself into the driver’s shoes and not give them any additional distractions behind the wheel, drawing their attention away from the road. As a driver, remember to remain focused and alert when you’re driving. If those pesky passengers do decide to switch radio stations, have it out with them once you’ve turned off the engine!

*Stats taken from a survey by Leasing Options

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