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  • An Insider View Of A Driving Lesson

An insider view of a driving lesson

Young male driver sat in car with male driving instructor

Posted by Bobby Hopkinson on 06 January 2017

Our young driver Bobby recently passed his theory test after 2 previous attempts! He’s now looking to book in for his practical in the next few months and has been busy practicing his maneuverers and generally getting to grips with the road. In this video Bobby and his driving instructor Bob Seys go through the steps on how to pull off and merge into the flow of traffic along with how to approach a roundabout in a safe and correct manner!


About the Author

Bobby Hopkinson
Bobby Hopkinson

Hi, my name is Bobby and I recently turned 17 and after months of waiting I am just about to start my driving lessons. I am currently studying for my AS exams: PE, History, Applied Science and Business Studies. I live in in the middle of nowhere in Suffolk, near Bury St Edmunds and so learning to drive is really important for me to gain some freedom! My hobbies include playing rugby, throwing the javelin, playing cricket, training in the gym, and seeing my girlfriend and mates.