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Will Tyson


Silverstone classic - one of the greatest racing spectacles ever

Calendar Icon 18 August 2016

Profile Icon Will Tyson

Last Saturday I arrived at the Silverstone circuit to the sound of 1950s racing cars echoing around the grandstands; cars that would normally be gathering dust in a museum now battling fiercely for position despite the fact that should one of their beautiful chrome wing mirrors get bashed it would be virtually irreplaceable. Yes, it is true, the Silverstone Classic is one of the best racing spectacles of the year.


Planning the road trip to this summer’s bestival!

Calendar Icon 19 May 2016

Profile Icon Will Tyson

Summer is just around the corner for us university students and with that comes the festival season too. I haven’t been to a lot of festivals but those that I have gone to have been well worth it. In the UK, Lovebox in Victoria Park is well worth the extra cost of travelling/partying in London, whilst going to Tomorrowland in Belgium will always remain a lifetime highlight.


Home is where the track is

Calendar Icon 03 March 2016

Profile Icon Will Tyson

I've got to say, exams really are the worst and as a second year Mechanical Engineering student at Swansea University, I have had the pleasure of having them since GCSEs! So after an intense months’ worth of revision, I headed home for seven days of good hearty food (instead of the usual pasta/KFC) and took advantage of having my washing done regularly (thank you, Mum!).