Alternative ways to celebrate bonfire night


Posted by Chloe Martell on 02 November 2018

Remember remember the fifth of November – oh how we Brits love nothing more than standing out in the freezing cold, holding a sparkler, and watching the neighbours fireworks (because we were too busy and forgot to buy our own). Whilst it’s been a tradition for as long as I can remember, surely there’s got to be a better way to spend this magical night? I’ve pulled together a few different things you could do this bonfire night if you’re looking to mix it up from the ordinary.

1. Head to the coast

If you’re looking to get the best views for a night of firework magic, heading further out is a great shout. You’re surrounded by open space and the lights of the city should be far behind you – giving you a great view of the fireworks in all their glory. Remember to check locally where you can and cannot set off fireworks, as there may be rules regarding this. If there is, we’re sure there will be someone celebrating nearby so you can just watch those!  


2. Get cooking

Bonfire night brings more than fireworks, sparklers and the disappointing Catherine wheel – it’s also about food! Now I don’t know about you, but usually, my night is spent watching fireworks outside whilst my Mum desperately tries to make more sandwiches in the kitchen and misses out on the whole thing. Make a day of November 5th and get cooking with the whole family so you can all spend time together celebrating in the evening. You’ll also be sure to make something nicer than a burnt jacket potato, too.

3. Home cinema

Standing outside in the freezing cold, watching a few loud sparkles in the sky isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend the evening blocking your eyes from the cheers in the street. Why not set up a home cinema, and pick out your favourite films to watch? You could still spend the day cooking, just rustle up some film snacks instead.


4. Picnic in the car

You’ve got a car, so why not make the most of it! Pack up a picnic, load up the hot chocolate and head out to watch the fireworks from the comfort of the inside of your car. You’ll be warm, have all the autumn snacks you like AND you get the benefit of seeing fireworks just as clearly (if not have a better view) as everyone else. Of course, if you’re heading out to a remote location to get a unique view of the fireworks – you need to ultimate snacks to take with you. Here’s some ideas on what to pack.

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Toffee Apples
  • Cinder Toffee
  • Marshmallows
  • Ginger cake
  • Popcorn

Who knew bonfire night foods were so good for you!?


5. Head to a fireworks display

Many more places across the UK host firework events that are either free or cost very little money to go to. If you’re not one for buying your own fireworks and throwing your own party – but still want to join in the celebration, check out what places around you are hosting a bonfire night event. But remember, if you are planning to drive on bonfire night, follow our top tips to keep safe and know what to look out for.

6. Enjoy yourself

Whether you plan to head out to a bonfire display, party with friends, spend time with family or snuggle up with popcorn and a movie – the most important thing you need to do is to have fun and spend the night how you want to. Have a great night and stay safe!


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