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Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 05 September 2013

Once you've hit your 17th birthday, your first thoughts might be - how soon can I get on the road with my first car?

Choosing a first car is a big deal, often done with the help of a parent, family member or friend. Sporty and fast is no longer a top choice, something more practical with cheap insurance seems to be favoured over lowered suspension and alloy wheels.

The truth is the vast majority of you wants to learn to drive for practical reasons and will choose a car based on that. So, if shopping for a car is on your to-do list, here is some useful advice to get your started.

New Vs. old If you've made the decision to purchase a car, a vehicle that's less than six years old is a good choice. They have shed most of their new-car depreciation and they are also likely to have the latest safety features. Our cars for Young Drivers scheme offers new and used cars and we give up to £4000 cashback on a new Vauxhall Corsa which you could use for your insurance or anything else to help reduce your costs in the first year of motoring.

Consider running costs Before deciding on a particular car, consider all the costs that will be part of ownership too for example; road tax, MOT, fuel, repairs, servicing and insurance.

So many to choose from You need to consider what type of car would suit your needs best and think about how you are going to use it, for example; size, practicality (do you need a certain amount of boot space, will you be doing most of your driving in rural or city areas) fuel type, would a diesel be cheaper to run than a petrol, and engine size.

Shop around Always try and negotiate your price, never stop with the price listed on the car's window sticker. Go to several dealerships or consider buying privately. Spend some time looking at, sitting in and test-driving each car. Look for cars that offer warranty and pay attention to the small print to ensure you get the best protection for vehicle parts that will wear out over time.

Lastly, don't be intimidated; ask plenty of questions but remember if the seller looks dodgy, the car is too cheap or if there is anything else that makes you suspicious walk away. Once you've made the leap and bought your first car you will need a young drivers car insurance quote.

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Holly West-Robinson

Hi I'm Holly and I'm a young driver based in Peterborough! I love tattoos, food, drawing and anything art related, enjoy hanging out with friends and family and making a fool of myself XD I'm a huge lover of music and also a part time DJ in the underground drum and bass scene. I passed my driving test first time when I was 17 years old have been loving life and my new found freedom ever since! I'm definitely one of the adventurous types who's always up for a good old road trip!