A welcome hand for pacts’ future young driver ambassador


Posted by Holly West-Robinson on 26 September 2013

PACTS' future intentions to appoint a young driver ambassador is terrific news.

As champions for young drivers, we are consistently looking to raise the voice of this generation and ensure they are heard.

A young driver ambassador would demonstrate a serious intention to give this age group some proper recognition in an environment that is populated by a much older generation.

Whitehall, transport trade groups, road safety organisations - all within this sector are headed by adults who may be experts in their respective fields but not necessarily experts in teenage motorists.

According to the job spec a newly-appointed ambassador will be able to:

- stimulate debate on young driver safety and telematics

- engage with young people and parents through social media

- present the facts and explore arguments around young driver safety

Full details of the proposed job, which we understand PACTS is looking to fill in the coming months, are here.

It's easy to knock the generation of young drivers, citing bad accident rates and crash stats but this isn't particularly constructive.

PACTS' appointment is a positive step in getting closer to this age group and engaging with them. This will provide insights which at present are only being guessed at or are based on out of date survey samples.

We've written before about young people not having a voice and not being listened to, see my blog in May this year.

With the Government's Green Paper waiting in the wings to be published this Autumn, the timing of this post could not be better.

Marmalade will certainly be extending a welcoming hand to the successful candidate. Let's hope it's the start of more young people in these positions of purpose within our industry. It seems commonsense to me.

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