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Posted by Bobby Hopkinson on 13 May 2016

Learning to drive is a key focus for me at the moment. I have my first lesson booked for 3rd May and I can't wait to get in the driving seat and get started with my lessons. To make sure I was prepared for these lessons I have already had a few practice drives with my brother-in-law, Simon, who has been driving for a while as he said he would show me the ropes ahead of the official lesson.

A bit heavy footed!

If I am being honest I think I underplayed how tricky getting to grips with the technical side of driving might be - I didn't do the so-called 'kangarooing' that my sisters had trouble with (sorry Charlie and Iona!) but I seriously struggled with braking! I was far too heavy with my feet and seemed to do something like emergency stops every time I hit the brake. After a few goes I seemed to get the handle of things but then over did it on the clutch and somehow broke a pipe on the engine of Simon's car! We ended up having to call road side rescue and I felt really bad. He made me feel better by saying he had been having issues with his car but let's face it, my first driving experience was a bit of a fail, so I am hoping things only get better from now on...

Converse style shoes rest on brake and acceleration peddles


My motivation for learning to drive and facing driving again (!) is that I play rugby for the local side in Bury St Edmunds and the training sessions are becoming increasingly intense in the evenings and weekend matches are often all over the region. I am also on intense training gym programme at the moment too which means I need to get to the gym for as many sessions a week as possible which is tricky when I live far away from the club and I don't have a car!



Gaining that independence


Once I pass my test, I am looking forward to getting myself around and not relying on my dad, mum and big sister to drop me off and pick me up. My other main motivation to get my license and a car is that I live about 10 miles from my girlfriend, Katie, so it will be great when I get to see her more often and take her out. The public transport near my house is pretty hopeless so I am reliant on my parents for lifts - to make matters worse I am one of six children so our family schedule is pretty hectic and there are only so many times a day I can ask for a lift!

Deserted bus stop on a sunny day with blue skies


I'm looking forward to sharing the highs and lows of my journey to passing my test with you all and I hope it's interesting and entertaining but for all the right reasons, with no more stories of road side rescue!


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Bobby Hopkinson

Hello, my name is Bobby I am 18, I passed my text just before my 18th birthday. I am still in sixth form and enjoying the new found freedom of driving myself to my girlfriends house, the rugby club and the gym!