5 weird and wonderful ways to deice your car

5 weird and wonderful ways to deice your car

Posted by Chloe Martell on 31 January 2019

It’s absolutely freezing - which means our cars are freezing as well. Now it has to be said, most of us use an ice scraper and deicer to clear off our windscreens in the morning, but what about the more peculiar ways to do it? We’ve listed 5 different ways that people have used to clear away ice and snow from their cars. Warning – we’re not saying any of these are better than a good old can of deicer, but if you run out… needs must!

Make your own deicer!

If you’ve run out of deicer, a great way to fix the issue is to make your own. Meteorologist Ken Weathers* says mixing 1/3 cup of water with 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol will do the trick! Which is great because, everyone has rubbing alcohol to hand, don’t they?

Chop up the onions

Apparently, rubbing half an onion on your windows and windscreen the night before a big freeze will stop frost and ice from forming in the first place! Perfect, although you may smell of onions for a bit…

Water in a bag?

The latest (and some would say greatest) way to defrost your windscreen has gone viral online. Putting warm water into a freezer bag and rubbing over your windscreen clears away ice AND keeps your hands warm! We’re yet to try this one out ourselves, but the video below shows it working pretty well.

Cover it up

Save yourself the hassle of making deicer and chopping onions, and get your hands on a windscreen cover. Pop this on your windscreen before bed and in the morning there shouldn’t be a spot of ice on your window! Do the same for your wing mirrors too, by popping plastic bags around them. Secure bags in place with a rubber band and in the morning, your mirrors will be clear and ice free!

I’m locked out!

If you’re struggling to get in your car, to begin with, due to locks being frozen, there are a couple of tricks to get you in. One is to heat your key by popping it into hot water and then gently pushing it into the lock – it’ll melt the ice as you apply pressure. Another way is to get some hand sanitizer with alcohol on those locks, it’ll defrost them before you know it!

All these weird and wonderful hacks are good alternatives to deicer your car (or prevent it from freezing) but we would first recommend that getting some deicer is the safest and easiest way to do it. It’s also essential that you completely clear your car of snow and ice. Giving yourself only enough room to see out of your windscreen means you’ll likely miss everything going on around you on the road, including other cars and pedestrians.

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