Great savings on annual black box insurance for young drivers with no curfews!

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This cover is suitable for:

bullet pointtickLearners and full licence holders

bullet pointtickDrivers between 17 & 30 years old

bullet pointtickInsuring a young person as the main driver

bullet pointtickDriving without curfews

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This cover is not suitable for:

bullet pointclose iconShort term cover

bullet pointclose iconCommercial vehicles

What is Black Box Insurance?

Black Box Insurance is an affordable way for new drivers to get on the road.

It’s a sad fact that there is a direct correlation between young drivers and car accidents. Some insurers quote new drivers sky high premiums based the statistics on the majority. It’s not all bad news though, by offering insurance with a black box we can offer a more tailored insurance premium, rather than one based on young drivers in general.
Young drivers could save up to £500* with our black box, which allows us to monitor driving behaviour and enables young drivers to review their journeys. This reduces the risk of the young driver being involved in an accident and helps them improve their driving skills! Customers who drive safely all year can earn an extra safe driving discount at renewal.

Plus, you can drive safe in the knowledge you're covered by the UK's Best-known insurance provider dedicated to young drivers¹.

What are the benefits of having black box insurance?

Benefits for the young driver
Benefits for the parent

    • Drive 24/7 with no curfews or night-time driving restrictions
    • Comprehensive cover that allows you to earn your own No Claims Discount
    • Instant cover and a self-fit black box so there’s no waiting around for an engineer
    • We reward safe driving with an additional discount at renewal for our safest drivers
    • Cover before and after your driving test and the price won’t go up when you pass


    Our black box technology will improve your driving skills & reduces the likelihood of you being involved in an accident by nearly 4 times²


Our black box technology will improve your driving skills & reduces the likelihood of you being involved in an accident by nearly 4 times²


How does Black Box Insurance work?

Black Box insurance involves fitting a small telematics tag into the car directly behind the rear-view mirror, which analyses how you drive, your driving style and where you drive.
You needn’t worry about us watching your every move as we’re only monitoring dangerous journeys‡, and your overall driving score when it comes to renewal – as we offer an extra discount to our safest drivers on renewal.
Our Black Box will measure:
  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Mobile phone use
  • Location and distance driven
  • Crash detection

3 quick steps to get covered

Get a quote
Get a quote in minutes and it will stay valid for 30 days (provided the details stay the same). You can pay in one go, or monthly, and if your ready to get driving you can be covered straight away!
Fit your black box
There’s no waiting in for an engineer or fitting fees. You’ll receive a telematics tag in the post complete with simple and easy to fit instructions. You must make sure you fit the telematics tag as soon as it arrives.
Check out your driving app
Once your box is fitted – you can check your journeys and driving score instantly on the app. Don’t forget to take your phone with you on every journey! At renewal, if you’ve driven well all year, you’ll get an extra discount for safe driving!

Frequently asked questions

Can I drive during lockdown?arrow
You may drive for essential journeys only. You may leave the home to:

- shop for basic necessities, for you or a vulnerable person

- go to work, or provide voluntary or charitable services, if you cannot reasonably do so from home

- exercise with your household (or support bubble) or one other person, this should be limited to once per day, and you should not travel outside your local area.

- meet your support bubble or childcare bubble where necessary, but only if you are legally permitted to form one

- seek medical assistance or avoid injury, illness or risk of harm (including domestic abuse) attend education or childcare - for those eligible

The DVSA advise that Learner drivers may also take driving practice with a member of their household, provided it is for one of the essential journeys specified above.

If you do leave home for a permitted reason, you should always stay local in the village, town, or part of the city where you live. You may leave your local area for a legally permitted reason, such as for work. It goes without saying that if you are self-isolating you should not leave the house at all (unless it is to get a COVID test).

Read the full coronavirus guidance for the four nations via the links below:




Northern Ireland

Is my cover affected during lockdown?arrow
Your cover is not affected during this time. All drivers are covered for the purposes specified on their policy - this means that should you make a non-essential journey your cover will still be in force. There had been suggestion in the press that some car insurance policies will be invalid if you drive for a non-essential purpose. This is not the case. However, we do stress that you should follow government guidelines, as they are in place for good reason and for your own safety and well-being.
Can I drive in Europe after Brexit?arrow
Yes, driving in the EU from the 1st January 2021 is still allowed but you will need to obtain documentation such as an IDP and a Green Card before you travel. Find further information on our blog
Can you drive before the black box is fitted?arrow
Cover can be instant – so you can get straight behind the when once your policy has started! All we ask is that you fit your device as soon as you receive it, and pair it with the Marmalade young driver app.
Can I remove the black box from the car?arrow
Once you have fitted your telematics tag to the car, the box must remain in the car until you're no longer insured with Marmalade. As it is a self-fit device that is secured to the windscreen, you can remove this yourself when the policy comes to an end. However, we will stop recording the journeys once your policy ends, so if you prefer you can simply leave it in situ.
Am I insured to drive other cars?arrow
As your premium is based on a black box being installed in the car you drive, you are only covered to drive the car specified on your policy, so you are not covered to drive other vehicles with this insurance.
Can my child be insured on a car registered to me, the parent?arrow
Yes, if the young driver is the main driver of the car we can provide cover if the car is owned and registered by a parent or guardian. It may be handy to know that we can cover the young person on a provisional licence too. So, if they'll be driving it when they pass their driving test, you can take cover out beforehand and cover will continue seamlessly when they pass, with no price increase.
What happens if you’re caught speeding with a black box?arrow
The black box measures speed, acceleration and braking, so it will flag on your driving portal where you have been over the speed limit and for how long – you’ll be able to check this after your journey. We’re not concerned about minor mistakes, so if it’s a one off – don’t worry, if you’re aware of it, you’re less likely to do it again. However, if you repeatedly drive at risk, we’ll give to a call to discuss your driving and how you can improve. If the dangerous driving continues (which we’re sure it won’t), you’ll start a red journey process, which you can read more about here. Obviously, if you’re caught by Police or a Speed Camera, you may be subject to a fine and points on your licence.

Our customers love us - Here's what they say...

Here's what they say...

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Trust Pilot Score 4.5 of 5 stars
Marmalade is rated undefined by Trustpilot from reviews

Named Young Driver Insurance

Driving a parent’s car

  • Alternative to being a named driver
  • Earn your own No Claims Discount
  • Fully comprehensive cover
  • No risk to parents’ No Claims

Cars for Young Drivers

New car and insurance deals

  • 12 months’ Free Insurance³
  • Low deposit from £500
  • Wide range of new cars
  • 12 months’ breakdown cover

Why choose our black box insurance?

Car icon

Affordable, comprehensive cover

Choose to pay monthly, or in full, with no penalties for driving late or complicated points schemes. Just our best price from the start!

Driving skills icon

Develop safe driving habits

Review your journeys instantly on the app linked to the telematics tag. Safe driving can earn you an extra discount at renewal!

Car tick icon

Choose your mileage & no curfews

Choose the annual mileage when you buy the policy – then get set to feel the freedom of driving when you like, with no curfews!

Tick icon

Cover before and after you pass

Get insurance as a full or provisional licence holder, and we won’t increase the premium when you pass! Just give us a quick call to let us know.

Get set for the open road!

9 out of 10 of our black box customers have recommended Marmalade to friends or family†

Join thousands of young drivers enjoying comprehensive cover with no curfews or night-time driving restrictions.


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