Black Box Insurance – is it for me?

Be confident in your choice of a black box insurance policy, by finding out if it is for you.


Maybe we should start by asking you a few questions to help you decide if black box insurance is for you!

Do you want to save money on your car insurance?

Of course you do! No one wants to pay over the odds for cover on their car! Our black box insurance is a great way to tailor your insurance premium to you, meaning you pay for how you drive – rather than young drivers in general.

Do you want to pay more when you pass your driving test?

No, that doesn’t sound fair does it! Sadly, some insurers will make you pay more when you pass your test. We don’t think it’s fair either, which is why, when you buy our black box insurance as a learner, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing the cost will remain the same on passing your test.

Do you want to become a better driver?

Absolutely! When you take out our black box Insurance, you can download our smart app that helps you keep track of your journeys! Log into the portal and see how each of your trips go, as well as the areas to improve if there is any.

Do I want decrease my chance of being involved in an accident?

No Brainer, of course! Our customers reduce their risk of being in an accident by 73%* compared to the national average. Reassuring for you, and your parents, plus this means you’re more likely to earn your No Claims Discount.

Still unsure about black box insurance?

So, you’re thinking it all sounds good in principal, but you’re still a bit worried about being monitored, we hope we can provide some assurance here. There's lots of myths about black box insurance, if you're interested in reading on, head over to our black box myth buster.

We’re not watching your every move!

Our black box insurance isn’t “Big brother” or designed to catch you out. We simply don’t have the time, or inclination to check up on your late-night takeaway trips… we’ve all been there, right? All you need to do is drive well, and you could be looking at an even lower premium at renewal. It seems like a no brainer really!

Young drivers are good drivers…generally!

Whilst your box records your journeys, we don’t actively check on your policy to see how you’re driving. We’re only receive a flag if you’re driving at risk. And honestly? The majority of our customers drive so well, that they rarely have to hear from us. You’ll end up checking your own driving score more often than we will!

We all make mistakes – the odd mistake doesn’t matter

We understand that there will be times you need to stop suddenly or swerve to avoid a hazard in the road, so the odd mistake won’t flag as an unsafe journey. However, repeated incidents will flag an unsafe journey. If this is the case – one of the team will get in touch and talk you through the journey and make suggestions to improve.
It is rare, but a minority of drivers do repeatedly drive dangerously and if this is the case these drivers may be required to pay premium increases – as they are increasing their risk of being involved in an accident. You can read more about our caution and premium increase process here.
See how much you can save with Black Box Insurance
Get on the road today with instant comprehensive cover and start earning your own No Claims Discount - with No Curfews!

The perks of black box insurance from Marmalade


No curfews

There are no curfews or night time driving restrictions – after all, driving is about freedom and independence. Get behind the wheel and drive where and when you want.
Steering Wheel

You choose your mileage

With this policy we don’t limit the miles you can drive by making you start on a low mileage and jump through hoops to earn more – you choose your mileage when you buy. Simple, right?

Before and after your test

There’s no worrying about your insurance premium increasing when you pass your test. We’ve got you covered the whole way for the same price. Just give us a call to let us know!

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