Black Box Insurance – how is my data used?

We’re committed to protecting your data, and will only monitor a few things to keep your insurance price low.


What driving data is collected?

The black box uses GPS location technology to see which roads you’re driving on

It will record your speed, acceleration, cornering, braking, and phone use on each journey as well as the start and end time. We only collect your data so that we can tailor your insurance premium to your driving style. We’re only notified if you’re driving flags as dangerous, so staying safe on the road means we won’t be interested in your score until it comes to your renewal! You’re likely to check your data more often than we are!

We don’t share it

We’re not going to give your data to your parents, the police, or any civil authorities. Sometimes, we can be required to giving your data by law or a court order, but this rarely happens.

We’re not ‘Big Brother’

We’re not using your data to keep tabs on you. We’re only notified if you’re driving dangerously, at which point a member of the team will be in touch for a chat with advice on how to improve.

The data can help you

Your black box data can be used to locate your car if it has been stolen and may provide valuable insight if you ever need to make a claim. The device also has crash detection - which will notify us if you have had an impact so we can call you and help you in your time of need.


Marmalade drivers are 73% less likely to have an accident on the road than the national average!*

How is your data used and how can it help?

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Your driving score

Each of your journeys is recorded. The data is used to establish if you are driving safely, or if it is higher risk which can lead to you receiving a red journey and increased premium.
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Your view

You can view your journeys on our dedicated Marmalade Young Driver App. You can see how you’ve driven, and areas for improvement, locate your car and earn streaks and badges for good driving!
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Safe driving discount

Your scores over the year will be used to assess the renewal premium. Whilst many factors play a role in your renewal price - the higher the score, the greater the discount!
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